Agile Wallaby

Macropus agilis

The Agile Wallaby, also known as the Sandy Wallaby, is a species of wallaby found in northern Australia and New Guinea. It is the most common wallaby in Australia's north.

Wallabies are herbivores whose diet consists of a wide range of grasses, vegetables, leaves, and other foliage. Due to recent urbanization, many wallabies now feed in rural and urban areas. Wallabies cover vast distances for food and water, which is often scarce in their environment. Mobs of wallabies often congregate around the same water hole during the dry season.

Wallabies face several threats. Wild dogs, foxes, and feral cats are among the predators wallabies face. A wallaby utilizes its powerful hind leg to fend off predators. Their powerful legs are not only used for bounding at high speeds and jumping great heights, but can also be used to administer powerful kicks to potential predators. Wallabies also have a powerful tail that is used mostly for balance and support. Humans also pose a significant threat to wallabies due to increased interaction. Many wallabies have been involved in vehicular accidents as they often feed near roads and urban areas.

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